HORZE Mesh Ear Fly Fringe
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Horze Mesh Ear Fly Fringe
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HORZE Mesh Ear Fly Fringe


SKU: 22828
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Add a touch of fringe to your horse’s face for grazing comfort. Add some length to your horse’s forelock with this full fringe fly mask to help him keep flies away. The easy-to-attach bonnet allows plenty of airflow and freedom without a full face mask during pasture time.


  • Lightweight fly fringe
  • Perfect for grazing
  • Mesh ears
  • Velcro attachment
  • Black

Technical Description: 100% polyester.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Place the fly bonnet in an old nylon stocking to protect it during washing.

Horse Fly Fringe


Size Cob, Pony