Recovery EQ Extra Strength – 1 KG
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Recovery EQ Extra Strength – 1 KG


SKU: 62651651
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This formula is exactly the same as Recovery®EQ by Purica with the addition of 100mg of hyaluronic acid per scoop.  This new formula improves healing and helps to halt cell damage, and may help with pain relief and regular inflammation.  This formula can help with musculoskeletal damage and pain, and be used for many skin and cell issues.  Recovery can be used to help increase agility and flexibility in the competitive horse.

  • Same as Recovery® EQ with the addition of HA
  • Helps improve healing
  • Helps halt call damage
  • Helps with pain relief and inflammation
  • Helps with musculoskeletal damage and pain
  • May be used for skin and cell issues
  • Helps increase agility and flexibility1 KG
Product Size 1 KG